Las Vegas Circus Arts offers professional instruction to students age 8+ who are interested in learning a variety of circus apparatus and techniques.

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Since 2012, Las Vegas Circus Arts (Flight La Femme, LLC) performers have been part of the grand scale Christmas production at Central Church in Henderson, NV. During the holiday season, with approximately 12 shows per run and a venue that can seat 3,000, LVCA students and professionals have the opportunity to entertain an immense audience. Through LVCA’s relationship with Foy Flying in Las Vegas, our artists are able to contribute their aerial talents on multiple apparatus in a state of the art professional theatrical space. In 2018, three of Las Vegas Circus Arts Lyra specialists performed a duo Lyra act choreographed by our resident coach, Ekaterina (Katya) Arnaoutova. We all look forward to this continued outlet and relationship with our friends at Central Church.