Las Vegas Circus Arts offers professional instruction to students age 8+ who are interested in learning a variety of circus apparatus and techniques.

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*Form fitted clothing and hair tied back are requirements for ALL aerial classes*


Students will learn basic grips and wraps for fabric while learning to support their own weight. Simple inversions, foot locks, and poses will be included. Expect some sequencing of tricks, strength and conditioning exercises, and an introduction to climbing. No experience necessary.


At this level, a student should be capable at basic climbs and can invert safely on their own. Emphasis on creating an understanding of pathways in and out of sequences and building inventory of skills (various Foot locks, Hip Keys, Catcher’s Wrap, “Swim”, “Thread”). Strength and conditioning drills are included.


Students at this level have had a minimum 3+ years of experience on fabric. They are proficient in multiple climbs and common sequences that require extensive vocabulary relating to fabric. Advanced students will be challenged with complicated trick sequences and strength and release moves. Strength, conditioning and endurance drills are used.


Students will learn positional awareness of the body creating safety in the hammock. Closed and open hammock shapes will be introduced. Various methods of entry and exit onto the apparatus are addressed. Beginning strength and conditioning to include core exercises and attention to grip strength all while executing simple sequences and poses. No experience necessary.


In this level, students should be capable of an independent pull over into hammock both open or closed. More complicated trick building and sequences involving small drops and releases will be taught. Participants will be encouraged to execute combos with the added challenge of spins and rotations. Strength and conditioning drills are expanded upon.


Students learn basic hand grips, develop core and upper body strength, and attempt simple assisted inversions.  The focus is on lower bar work with an intro to upper bar; all while exploring static poses which engage flexibility and balance.  Simple sequences including spins will be introduced. No experience is necessary for this class.


Prior Lyra experience is encouraged in the intermediate level.  A student should be capable at double knee hangs and be able to invert independently.  Longer sequences and combinations where poses are held with only 2 or 3 points of contact are delivered.  Further usage of the upper bar and span set is introduced.  More transitions, basic rolls, and spin variations will accompany sequences delivered.


Students permitted in this class based on coach approval ONLY plus 3+ years of prior aerial experience including Lyra.  Advanced students can hold a single knee and single hand grip independently.  They must be comfortable with spins, splits, back bends and various inversions.  The class will contain upper body/core conditioning, drops, advanced rolls (i.e. elbow, hip, lion), heel and toe hangs, front and back balances and complex sequencing and transitions.  The development of the student’s artistry through hyper spinning (single point contact), line definition and self expression with combos set to music is a main goal in this class.


Students will learn the basics of rope, including climbs, locks, and an introduction to inversions. There will be a focus on building strength and endurance in order to progress to more challenging skills. Short sequences will be explored as more vocabulary is learned.  Little to no experience is necessary.


As students build their vocabulary, there will be a focus on connecting skills in longer sequences. At this level, students should feel comfortable with all basic climbs and be able to invert on their own. There will also be an introduction to simple drops, and how to get in and out of them through various methods. Strength and conditioning included.


Students should be very comfortable on rope or a similar apparatus (silks, etc.) 3+ years of experience is recommended. Students will explore more advanced skills including multi-directional drops, rolling-up skills, long sequences, and more.  Drills to improve strength and endurance will also be used.


Prior aerial experience is required to attend this class (intermediate/advanced students ONLY).  Participants must wear long sleeves (wrist guards are recommended).  Skill prerequisites are as follows: ability to hang in a double wrist wrap for 10 sec.,  do 3 consecutive pull ups, can hold a knee to chest tuck for 10 sec. while hanging in wrist wrap.  Students will explore advanced upper body conditioning with drills for shoulder and core strengthening.  Various wrist wraps, inverted spins, intro to dislocates and meat hooks, prep for roll ups, split balances, foot spins and wrist drops are the skill set focus.